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Since its founding in 1999 Enformation has completed many Internet projects, a selection of which are listed below.

For the Amsterdam based consultancy firm BuysideResources we created a simple yet effective solution which fulfilled their needs and demands in four days.

Bootnodig, a modern and inventive boat hire company based in Amsterdam decided to use the newest version of our content management system. In this version, editing the content is made even easier as the interface is now close to that of a text editor like Microsoft Word.

The Russian writer Alla Avilova contracted us to create a website for her to enable her to present her work. The main language of the website is Russian, though English is also available. Our content management system works flawlessly with languages using different alphabets.

For the real estate agent Ardennen Goed a whole new website was designed and created by Enformation. One of the most important parts of the website is a searchable database of objects consisting of the pictures of properties and the details which accompany the pictures. Thanks to the use of our content management system the owner of the website is now able to make updates from any computer in the world.

For the renowned Amsterdam School of International Relations a successful new website was created. The new design created an immediate increase in the number of visitors. The main objectives for this assignment consisted of better graphical design, better ordering of the information and of the page layouts and more efficiency in the exchange of information between the student and the organization. Our content management system was also implemented to facilitate website maintenance.

For the Greek company Vacation Yachting our content management was implemented as a means to keep information up to date.

Enformation are specialists when it comes to complex online database structures. An example of this can be seen at Euroswapper.com. Visitors of this International web site, which is available in nine languages, have the possibility to automatically swap euro coins with each other and to find lots of information on the subject.

For the Greek Escale Yachting a web site was created based on our content management system. Our system enables one to publish dynamically, which means that the pent lingual site can be easily maintained and expanded by Escale Yachting themselves.

A connection was established between the newspaper Koörddanser and the Internet, resulting in an effortless integration of the electronic and paper publishing of their agenda and creating a congruent layout.

Other projects can be found at: Eker & Schaap landschapsarchitectuur and Uitgever Jan van Baarle.
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