Do we need a Content Management System (CMS)?
If you depend on another department or the original web site builder for every textual and/or structural change of your current web site, the answer is yes! To choose a CMS is a choice for independence, flexibility and timeliness! A CMS enables you to publish dynamically.

What is dynamic publishing?
In practice it means that it enables you to change independently, through the Internet, both content (texts and images) and structure of your web site. Knowledge of Internet publishing is not required and it can be done with every computer that connects to the Internet.

Click on Edit on the menu bar below or here and you will get a demonstration of the easy adaptability of the content of the websites we produce. Click here for a demonstration of the easy adaptability of the structure of our websites. Your visitors can of course not access the edit option.

Recently we have improved our CMS. Website maintenance is now similar to the use of a text/word processor like Microsoft Word. We have made available a restricted example of a practical solution of the newest version of our CMS. If you would like to try it out, please contact us and we will provide you with the necessary username and password.

Our Content Management System can also function as a basis for your current website since the system is completely independent of the layout. In other words:

In case you are already satisfied with the layout of your current website, we can add the flexibility of dynamic publishing!
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