Searchable database
Databases can be easily made searchable through the Internet. Examples are: product databases, image galleries, knowledge bases and address listings. Several working examples can be found in the Miscellanneous section.

Mailing list / Newsletter
A good relationship with your customers is important. A mailing list that is easy to subscribe and unsubscribe to, can strengthen this relationship. With this module you will no longer be dependent on external mailing list services.

Search engine
All texts on the website can be searched with a search engine.

Site map
A clickable "map" is generated based on the site structure.

Mail form
A mail form can result in considerable timesavings in mail handling by "forcing" the user to structure their questions.

Custom made
In case a specific module is not listed here, we also deliver custom made solutions. This means that we are able to create very specific modules and databases for your specific needs.
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